Science in the City and Notte Bianca

This year our team once again attended the annual Science in the City and Notte Bianca events held in our capital, Valletta. An engaging public asked questions and commented on the cars, which created quite a crowd around our stand. For the first time, a computer simulator constructed from a mock up [...]

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Garage visit from the Malta Motorsport Federation

This evening we had an extremely productive meeting and discussion with the Malta Motorsport Federation . A tour of the garage was given to Mr Tonio Cini (President), Mr William England (Vice President) and Mr Patrick Gauci (Treasurer) by members of our executive, where the car was presented. Some exciting new possibilies have opened [...]

Zest Event: Future of Automobility & Traffic

As a follow-up of our talk with Dr Ulrich Bez, Mr Reinhold Karner invited members of our executive committee to a Zest satellite event held on the 18th of September, “Future of Automobility & Traffic”. This formed part of the Zest conference held in different locations during that week. Guests and speakers [...]

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Talk by Dr Ulrich Bez, “Mr. Aston Martin”

On 15th September we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Ulrich Bez, "Mr Aston Martin" himself. We first presented our FC17 car to him in a tour of our garage, which was followed by a question and answer session. We would like to thank Mr Reinhold Karner for making this event possible, Dr. [...]

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Unveiling of the FC-17 car

On 8th July we unveiled our newest car, the FC-17 to our sponsors, collaborators and parents. The event was held in our capital, Valletta, with a scenic backdrop of the new parliament building and Fort St. James. Present were also Rector Prof. Alfred J Vella, and Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo, a long-time supporter [...]

The UESA Conference 2017

In order to commemorate the University Engineering Students Association's (UESA) 35th Anniversary, the annual Meet Your Employer event was done on a much grander scale. Engineering Students got the opportunity to talk to various companies with stands at the event. As an organisation committed to always give maximum exposure to our sponsors, UOMR was also present [...]

Malta Robotics Olympiad 2017

Autonomous robot competitions, drone racing and e-sports were some of the things to witness this weekend at the Malta Robotics Olympiad. The 13,000 people, made up of tech enthusiasts, families and people willing to learn more about the subject flocked to the MFCC at Ta' Qali to check out Malta's largest technology expo. As a flagship [...]