We fund, design, build and race a Formula Style race car






An inter-faculty project, a flagship for collaboration within the University of Malta.

Formula SAE is an engineering design competition which brings together students from all over the world to a series of grand prix. Here, students are assessed on all aspects of the project, from the way the budget was made to the design specifics of the race car itself.
University of Malta Racing (UOMR) is Malta’s very own Formula SAE team, based in the University of Malta. Founded in 2012, UOMR is currently working on the 3rd car which will compete in the 2017 Season. UOMR is a UOM Senate recognised, student based voluntary organisation, which serves to provide a platform for collaboration within the University of Malta.
Everyone enrolled in the University of Malta is invited to join the team and help out in any way they can. The design of the racecar is done by all those who are willing enough to learn the engineering disciplines required to perform such a task.